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Diamond prices based on their shapes 

Yes! The shape of the diamond you will be buying will drive the price up or down. Just like any other commodity, diamond prices are driven by offer & demand. The round brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular option and the most expensive. With equal quality specifications it could cost you 15% to 30% more than any other cut (all other cut of diamonds are called fancy).


Fancy cuts are very popular nowadays and the most sought after shapes are currently the oval, cushion and princess cut. The beauty about these fancy cut diamonds is the total different in look they will give you compared to a traditional round diamond.

Gentleman, please make sure to know the preferred shape of diamond of your future fiancée…she will appreciate it. This is probably the most important criteria (or one of them) a man needs to know while he’s diamond ring shopping.

Since all of our engagement rings are made in our Montreal offices, we can adapt any of our styles to your favourite diamond shape. There’s nothing like seeing and holding diamonds in your hands to see how they really look and sparkle on and off the ring. It will be our pleasure to guide you through this fun and stress free process.

Contact us today to get started on her dream ring.

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