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The untold secret

Renowned chefs never share their recipes but Philippe & Co. lets you in on a secret. How can beautiful diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces be produced with high quality at a fraction of the brand store prices? Two elements mainly contribute to this stunning reality.

No one in the middle

At Philippe and Co., we do the job from start to finish, therefore eliminating a few layers in the process.

Quite easy to understand: less professionals “making their cut” means more affordable options for you!

Small operation, low overhead

The big brands are also very big on their branding campaigns. And on their marketing campaigns. And on their public relations campaigns. They also need big law firms to ensure brand protection worldwide. They also need…
Well, you get the picture.

We’re a smaller, more integrated team but your expectations can stay high. You just don’t need to spend for the TV commercials, ever!

Bye bye boosted pricing.

Between the mine and the jewellery box

Can you guess how many different steps are needed to make beautiful jewellery pieces? It is no small project as each handmade jewel is unique by nature and our team will go through every little detail to make sure the pieces you select are made with the highest quality levels… at every step of the process!

Please take a look at the below graphic and learn how a beautiful jewel starts from a shovel in the sand to end up in a lovely embossed jewellery box.

Traditional Diamond Distribution Channel vs. Philippe & Co.