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The quest for perfection

At Philippe & Co., service excellence and most of all the greatness of our diamonds, precious stones and metals are a constant obsession for each member of our team. Every day. Every minute.

The Art Of Cutting

Cutting stones is an art. Our experts know that this crucial step will ultimately determine the beauty and value of a diamond. To achieve the perfect balance, our craftsmen try to balance brilliance and scintillation. It is no small task! But at Philippe & Co. beauty will always be more important than size. It’s a question of principle!


So called perfect diamonds are extremely hard to find. To earn that grade, their clarity must be outstanding. For the vast majority of diamonds, the less pinpoints, scratches, feathers, and nicks are found on the surface, the better the value will be.

Of Grams And Carats

In our language, the carat represents the weight of a diamond. Philippe & Co. provides insight to each of its customers and suggests the best possible options for their needs and budgets. One common mistake we see too often is wanting to only consider the size of a diamond. Transparency, cut, brilliance and clarity are also essential, sometimes more than the size of a diamond itself.

All About The Right Color

For an engagement ring or a special jewelry gift, we select diamonds that are highly transparent, without any yellow. Our expert team prides itself on selecting rigorously the stones that our clients love most. We measure each diamond against an industry-wide color scale. We will only select diamonds that are almost transparent or better, color H or better.

Workshop Secrets

To ensure that each piece produced is worthy of the Philippe & Co. label, we must count on the very best available equipment as well as craftsmen worldwide.

In these strict conditions, we let the magic happen…

Philippe & Co. is extremely demanding with its suppliers and craftsmen.

We will not tolerate compromise. It is the only way we can achieve true perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate of authentication

Each piece produced by Philippe and Co. can be authenticated with a certificate. To obtain one, please request it at the time of purchase.

Fixed price policy

Our team fights hard to get you excellent prices on everything we produce. Our prices are not negotiable, but they are very low!

International shipping

We will ship any of our pieces worldwide. Taxes and fees will vary depending on the country of delivery. Prices include shipping insurance. Some other local charges might apply.

Lifetime warranty

A warranty should be about customer appreciation and fulfillment. Philippe & Co. prides itself on customer satisfaction and will always go beyond your expectations. In order to enjoy the warranty, we request that no other person, company and any other third party cleans or repairs our jewelry. Our customers who have an engagement ring have access to a free of charge, cleaning service once a year. In order to preserve the warranty, the jewelry piece must be evaluated by our personnel for maintenance every 12 months.

Wrapping and packaging

For all online purchase, our beautiful premium branded gift bags and boxes will be sent with your purchase to ensure you will be able to offer her dream ring or any jewelry just as if you would have purchased it in person.


We accept on line, the following credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), as well as these options, in person only: certified checks, wire transfers* & cash.
*Wire payment must be received and cleared before items can be shipped. Philippe & Co. will ship promptly once payment is received but cannot be responsible for delays in the banking transaction.

Refund or exchange

Customer satisfaction is our priority, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund* or exchange. Many retailers charge a restocking fee for returns; we don’t charge you a cent.

*Important: to obtain a full refund, pieces must be returned in their original state and appearance, in their original packaging, without any scratches and without having been worn at any time.

Purchasing of complete sets to match rings

For demanding customers, a ring is just the start of a greater endeavour. We will gladly produce matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets as you require. To get more information, please get in touch with our Concierge services.

Shipping and insurance

We do local and international shipping from Canada. All shipments are insured with our shipping provider.

Shopping by appointment

We will gladly show you our most recent collections at our offices in Montreal (by appointment only). Please call us at 514-284-7445 or email us at

Philippe and Co.
1117 Ste-Catherine West Suite 407, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, H3B 1H9


Our shipping partner is FedEx Express. You will be able to monitor your shipment as soon as it leaves our offices through the tracking tools offered by FedEx.

Retail stores

Philippe & Co. does not operate retail locations. This allows us to offer you radically lower prices than your local jewellery store or big international brand stores.

Please contact us at +1-514-284-7445 if you have any additional questions.