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The World of Phil

A true legend, Philippe and his team travel the world to find the most beautiful diamonds, precious metals and stones that made the company’s reputation.

Philippe & Co. only works with the best craftsmen to ensure skill, precision and pride are essential elements of every jewel produced.

Each piece has to earn the right to rest in the Philippe and Co. gift box.

There is no compromise.

Cultural knowledge

Selecting the right diamonds or precious metals, hiring the best cutters, negotiating the best prices all require one important skill : understanding cultural differences. Philippe and his team have travelled extensively to over 40 countries to ensure that you may select from the best possible options.

The team understands how to make the most of every situation and you can experience the strength of their worldwide network when you purchase a piece from the collection or when you trust us to design the piece of your dreams.

Our passports are well stamped…

Canada’s best craftsmen

Craftsmanship and strict attention to detail is what makes each piece unique. In our workshops, each piece is created with the greatest quality levels.

Our team of great experience

Talent needs skill. Skill needs practice. Practice needs passion. And passion needs true artistry. This delicate balance between the emotions and the hard work is only achieved through time.

This is why our team averages 20 years of dedicated experience in jewellery design and production. You wouldn’t trust a beginner with the dream of a lifetime? Neither would we. Period.