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Natural vs. Lab created diamonds

How to make the best possible decision? Natural or Lab created diamond?

The market is always evolving and customers are expecting industries to offer them new alternatives. Well, the jewellery industry is no different. Lab created diamonds are now a huge part of this industry. If you aren’t familiar, you can find a little summary here. They are also known as lab grown or cultured diamonds and are developed in highly controlled laboratory environments using innovative technological processes, which duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust.
These lab created diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as natural diamonds, they display the same optical, physical and chemical properties.

Now, here’s the fun part- you can actually compare apples to apples while shopping. It can be for the engagement ring of your dreams or this stunning diamond pair of earrings you always wanted. Since they are chemically identical and quality graded in the same way, it’s easy to choose between a natural or lab created diamond.
Here are a few options of our customers’ favourite engagement rings, the average price difference being between 40% to 50% less while opting for lab created diamonds.

Top 3 most popular choices under 3000$ Lab created diamonds*:

Clara 14 karat gold ring | round | 0,80ct | SI1 | H | Ex cut 2 800,00 $
Evelyne/Juliette/Queen | 14 karat gold ring | round | 0,50ct | VS2 | H | Ex cut 2 500,00 $
Emma 14 karat gold ring | round | 0,50ct | VS2 | H | Ex cut 1 700,00 $

Top 5 most popular choices under 5000$ Lab created*:

Grace 14 karat gold ring | round | 1,0ct | SI1 | H | Ex cut 5 000,00 $
Stella 18 karat gold ring | round | 1,0ct | SI1 | G | Ex cut 4 500,00 $
Emma 14 karat gold ring | round | 1,0ct | VS2H | Ex cut 4 300,00 $
Evelyne/Juliette 18 karat gold ring | round | 0,70ct | VS2 | G | Ex cut 3 500,00 $
Queen 14 karat gold ring | round | 0,50ct | VS2 | H | Ex cut 2 500,00 $

*Options are based on market prices, subject to change without notice, specifications could differ.

While in the process of purchasing any important items, we recommend you do your homework, do you research, and ask trustworthy friends or businesses for advice. If you have any questions about comparing natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds / lab created diamonds, please feel free to contact us.

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