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The craftsman behind the jewelry

The young jeweler we have met comes from a family of craftsmen dedicated to fine jewelry for over three decades.  With his father and uncle, Aren produces the beautiful pieces of the Philippe and Co. collection since day one.  This young Armenian has a lot of experience despite his young age since he started learning his craft when he was only 13.


The willingness to learn, the experience and the passion

It takes about four days to complete a nice piece.  Attention to detail is key and the younger generation that Aren represents tries to integrate the benefits of new technology with the ancient art of jewelry. “It’s challenging to change our methods but we gain a lot in precision and time as well.  This said, nothing can replace the skills and experience of a true craftsman”.


How do you recognize a nice piece?

“Multiple factors are combined to create the overall quality of a piece.  A smooth and clean finish, crisp angles, clean lines and good quality stones are your best values. We can try to improve average quality stones but nothing beats a good quality diamond at the base of our work!”.


Trends 2017

When asked about what the future holds in terms of jewelry design, Aren believes that we are coming back to simpler pieces. He sees more requests for rings with a better quality central diamond than rings with a multitude of smaller stones or diamonds.


And what ring would you choose yourself?

“Platinum, for sure! It’s harder to craft but over time I think it is more “forgiving” – if it is bent a little, the jeweler can easily turn it back into its original state.  Also, I would choose an SI1 quality diamond.  Even with its slight imperfections, I think it’s an excellent value.  And as for the size of the diamond, well, that would depend on my budget!” says Aren with a smile.


To appreciate the craft of Aren and his family, browse through our unique line of rings and jewels today.

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