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Top 3 questions about lab grown diamonds

1. Are lab created diamonds real diamonds?
YES and the explanation is based on the composition. A diamond is a three-dimensional structure of carbon molecules, making it the hardest natural substance on Earth. Whether it is natural or lab created both have an identical molecular structure.

2. Will they change in appearance over time?
No they will not. The colour and clarity of laboratory diamonds will not change over time they are diamonds, just like those that come from the mines.
Their colour (colourless or near colourless) and their clarity will never change. In most cases, colourless lab-grown diamonds are typically Type IIa (pronounced two-a) diamonds and are extremely rare in nature. Based on GIA, they are chemically the most pure. Only 2% of diamonds produced by Earth are Type IIa. You can click on the image to find out more about the different types of diamonds.

3. What is the price difference between natural & lab created diamonds?
You can easily save between 40-60% compared to a natural diamond of similar quality and carat weight (size).
Besides being the most eco-friendly option, the monetary savings are probably one of the main benefits of the lab grown diamonds.
There are many factors that will contribute to a lower price point but the main one is due to the shortened supply chain of a lab created diamond.
In this case there are fewer middlemen controlling pricing vs natural diamonds. The suppliers across the globe are competing against each other and this will inevitably drive prices down.
If obtaining a similar product in terms of quality at a far lower price is something you consider, look no further.

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